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The Mountains Are Calling You is a website in which we simply strive to bring the ring of the mountains out to those who seek to hear it!  By representing all businesses who care to participate we can present a very genuine guide to how they many enjoy our Smoky Mountains. We love for our website to be created with content from many people all around our area!

We welcome your business to be one of our posts for a 12 month period.  We ask that you write your own listing by completing the below form and sending the listing to us for preparation.  Once the listing is created we will be in contact with you to proof the listing and also receive payment for a 6 month or 12 month listing on the website.

12 month listing:  $395.00

2nd Or Additional Listing For 12 Months: $195.00

Example:  You purchase 2 listings, two different blog posts with all features.  $590 for 12 months.
When you purchase more than 1 listing you are allowed 1 additional category at no added charge.

Added categories:  $20.00 per category

Please complete the information form and we will be in touch to proof and complete payment via credit card or check.  Listings will be placed with payment is completed.